A magic and glamorous Indian wedding in luxurious Monaco

In France, summer is the season for weddings. As a French/Indian team, we thought this would be the perfect time to share a grand wedding that took place in Monaco, in the south of France, between Indian socialites Kajal Fabiani and Gaurav Assomull!

The duo spent their childhood years in Europe and they now live in Mumbai. Gaurav and his mother run a company named Marigold. Kajal used to run Villa 39, a fine-dining restaurant in Colaba.

Held in March 2011, it was the biggest destination wedding ever to hit the Principality of Monaco. The couple and their families invited 600 guests from India and around the world to this 4-day event.

Monaco, known around the world for its glamour and jet-set lifestyle and annual Formula 1 Grand Prix race, was the natural choice for the lavish festivities, which were held in various estates throughout the Principality.

All the guests stayed at the prestigious Hotel de Paris and the Hotel Hermitage, two belle-époque hotels known for the architecture and world-class service.

The wedding ceremony was held in none other than the famous Salle Garnier of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo.


Salle Garnier, Opéra Monte-Carlo

The ceremony was held in accordance with Hindu tradition, whilst incorporating at the same time the sense of elegance, luxury and refinement for which Monaco is famous. Two Indian elephants have paraded down Casino Square. As well as being “good luck charms” to ensure the couple has a long and happy life together, the imposing creatures were an unusual attraction for tourists and locals walking through Casino Square!

Frank Damgaard of Monte-Carlo Weddings said, “what is so exciting about this event is that it brings together so many magical and romantic elements: a glamorous, high-society couple, a grandiose four-day, 600-guest wedding showcasing an amazing blend of Indian culture and world-renowned four-star venues and last but not least, the fairy-tale Principality of Monaco.”

We wish Kajal Fabiani and Gaurav Assomull a lifetime of love and hapiness!


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